To Cook by the Fire

Making a fire to cook is a great lesson on the ins and out of good, honest material. Basically, you want things that are made to take a beating naturally, that are simple but work - like a great wooden spoon.  Here's a selection a few basics made in small batches by young designers (except the cast iron pan) along with a few memorable pics.


 Butter knives by Arial Alasko. Get it  HERE

Butter knives by Arial Alasko. Get it HERE

Ok Fine, I had to add another Ariel Alaska image. Couldn't help it, they're so delicate! 

OK so its not a sexy picture, BUT Griswald cast iron pans are THE BEST. Hard to find but Greg, the cast iron pan-man,  has tons of info HERE

There is always one cast iron pan on my range.  One cast iron pan wherever I cook. You only need one.  Do it - you'll never turn back.  Pinky swear.

Sycamore Cutting Board by Na Nin - Get it HERE

Aside from John Berger essays, I read alot of Rumi poetry in Vermont.  For how dreamy he sounds, he also has the tendency to be quite the provocateur - crack open a couple of his poems, let it ruffle your feathers a bit

The perfect teapot : made from glazed dark stoneware. It'll be fine on the fire - won't stain or mark either.  Winner. Australian, by Andrei Davidoff. Get it at Straw and Gold

Ceramic, so its safe for your coffee. Sleep Eye Pour Over by Martina Thornhill.  You can grab this on Straw and Gold

Coffee and tea become essential in the fall, whether or not your outside. This teapot and Pour Over take heat really well - Food tastes better in ceramic vessels, really.

Our eggs and bacon before we threw them on a fire.  If you cook over a fire, chuck the olive oil for bacon grease - and melt.

In my online wanderings,  I came across the work of Chelsea Miller, Northern Vermont bread Brooklyn based knife maker.  She gets her chops from blacksmithing and woodworking alongside her dad on their family farm. Using horse rasps and wood from her family's farm, Chelsea culls her know how to make a fine line of real beauties.  The kind of know how that makes you wish you'd drop everything and find something to widdle.

Chelsea Miller Knives - High carbon steel repurposed from a Vermont Farrier's horseshoe rasp. HHERE

That bacon was killing.

Kings County Distillery Bourbon. Drink up HERE

This bourbon was perfect for late afternoon hikes and kept us warm under the moon - warm and boozy.

The Palermo Copper Series by The Citizenry. Was first created in 1938 by Argentine Architects - Americans and Europeans caught on as the symbol of modern design. AKA 'BKF' style.  Get it HERE

Whales Tea Towel By Enormous Champion. Check them out HERE